Oo Marks 50th Anniversary

Posted Friday, September 28, 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Oo. My dad recorded me on tape talking, singing and spelling words at the age of four. I made up the word Oo (pronounced in two syllables as “OO-oo”) as the imitation of the sound a cuckoo clock makes; we had one in our living room (do you hear a “k” sound in the chimes?). Soon I had an “Oo club” consisting of family members and friends, which kept going for years without any set rules or meetings. It was just a fun thing.

Though I’ve since grown up and am now headed through middle age into seniordom, my overall mindset hasn’t changed very much. I still love my family and close friends and love to have simple, clean fun with them. We love good food, good times (with no trouble), and clean but silly humor. The Ummamum and humor sections on this website bear that out.

As I write this, in a few short hours my wife (Wendi) and I will be heading to Rochester, Minnesota, to visit my son and his wife, who are both attending college there. This promises to be a good “Oo” time—one of fun, food, and family.