Isn’t It Time for Revival!

Written by Steve Ackerman, August 12, 2000
Used by permission.
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Encouraging Rhymes for Discouraging Times

If you take a look around you, it is not too hard to see
That this world’s becoming very, very sick.
We’re needing something badly, and I think you will agree
That we need revival, and we need it quick!

Satan’s dug his roots in, and he’s dug them in quite deep.
Don’t you think it’s time we give his cage a rattle?
Time to give this faith of ours a giant, bounding leap.
Have no doubt, my friends, that we are in a battle!

Our world is overfilled with sin—with lust and hate and greed;
It just fuels the flame of Satan’s mighty grip.
We have to take a stand and fill a most required need.
It is time that we start shooting from the hip.

We need to take Christ’s holy Word, and see that it is spread
To the many in such dire need of hearing.
So many hungry souls that are just waiting to be fed,
Needing Jesus to escape the fates they’re fearing.

So many lost! Such little time! It’s only plain to see
That as Christians it is time that we unite.
If we can pull together, as God meant for us to be,
In the end, I know that we can win this fight.

This world’s become a scary place. Please try to understand:
To so many, it’s a matter of survival.
Right now, you must agree, the devil has the upper hand.
Can’t you feel this urgent need for a revival?

He has a hold on me. My guess: he has a hold on you,
And he isn’t just about to let us go.
That’s why we have to ask the question, “What Would Jesus Do?”
When our lives are tossed around, both to and fro.

If we keep that constant question on our minds and in our hearts,
We’ll keep Satan and his demons well at bay.
That’s when our lives transform and when our own revival starts.
When God’s will for us, we fin’ly do obey.

Once that we believe in Him and truly give our lives,
He will fill us with the Spirit of His light.
It’s then we find the happiness that every being strives.
Like a beacon in the dark, we will shine bright.

We’ll seek the lost and take the time to constantly remind them
That this man, named Jesus, died so they might not.
The lost are surely out there! They’re just needing us to find them.
It is time that we give Jesus all we’ve got.

It’s a matter of obedience! God gave us his command.
It’s apparent, I would say, that we are slacking.
For us to go and fish for men, was how our lives were planned.
It’s a plan, I feel, we need to be attacking…

With every ounce of strength we have! Until our dying breath,
Every chance we get, we need to share God’s Word.
It just might be a matter of eternal life or death
That this message reaches ears which never heard.

It isn’t how we play this game but rather who does win.
Time to go to bat for God’s most holy Son.
The battle is with Satan and repenting of our sin—
Seeing, not our will, but God’s will, that be done.

The picture couldn’t be more clear. The rest is up to you.
Will you side with Satan or will he be your rival?
If everyone does what it is, God’s wanting them to do,
You can bet we, soon, will witness true revival.