Our Changing Logos

The title logo on the Home page is rotated with the season. My dad, Victor Petitt (1922–2001) made some of the images. Following is the current display schedule:

Blizzard (scene by Victor Petitt)
A lone horseman is caught in a blinding snowstorm.
Full Moon (scene by Victor Petitt)
A lone wolf standing on a cliff howls at the full moon. Snow-capped mountains are visible in the distance.
Daybreak (scene by Victor Petitt)
A robin digs up a worm at sunrise.
Composite of Goldfinch and Chickadee by Victor Petitt.
USA Flag
Old Glory is proudly displayed over the Oo Kingdom Headquarters (the building is fictional).
Backyard (scene by Victor Petitt)
Tire swing in tree, barbecue grill, grass, white fence and trees.
Sun setting in orange sky with trees and a bird in silhouette.
Summer Farm Scene
Sun, red barn, windmill, clouds, silo, green grass.
Autumn Medley
Sky blue background, sun, colored leaves, apple, Ummamum face on pumpkin, cornucopia.
A dapper snowman and a decked-out Christmas tree are surrounded by falling snow. The site title appears in red and green letters.

A smaller version of the Sunset logo appears as a Home page link on most pages, including this one.

In addition, though the pages always have a white background, the surrounding area (left and right on larger screens, and a strip at the bottom on smaller screens) changes color each month, as follows: