The Oo Kingdom: Version 10 to Present

This page was created on January 27–28, 2022.

NOTE: Screenshots were taken in January, 2022, from archived files. The Home page greeting on some images will have a date in 2022; the Version 20 screenshot shows “Writings” on the menu, but that page originally appeared in the King’s Book, not Oo’s Writings.

Version 10 — October 15, 2003

See The 21st Anniversary Edition in the Web Design section of this site.

Versions 10.1 through 13.1

See More Improvements, near the bottom of the Final Edit page in the Web Design section of this site. Some links on that page will lead to brief posts in Oo’s Writings.

There was, for a brief time, a Version 13.2; see a screenshot of the Home page in that version (there was a dark theme also, but it was ugly).

Version 14 — November 13, 2007

Read the original post about Version 14, in Oo’s Writings.

Broken Website Layout Fixed (Version 14.1 — February 9, 2008)

Version 15 — February 17, 2008

This version wasn’t up for very long, as it was soon replaced by Version 16. It featured moccasin and mint green background colors, thin black borders, and small sans-serif (Verdana) text. The Home page navigation was headed with “What’s in the Oo Kingdom” with subheadings “Nearby” (for pages in the root folder) and “Elsewhere” (for major sections, each with a description below the link). The page included a greeting, local weather, Latest Additions, Recent News Posts, Upcoming Holidays & Observances, and a Google search box.

See screenshots of the Version 15 Home page:
Top | Bottom

Version 16 — March 5, 2008

Pages were in two columns, different color backgrounds (reddish orange, moccasin) with text in a small sans-serif (Verdana) font. The Home page featured a wide logo, with bold colors, a sun, trees, and birds. Many pages weren’t converted to the new format until years later! In March of 2011, these pages were re-styled to look more the newer version I was building then.

See a screenshot of one of those pages.

Version 17 — October 8, 2008

This was my effort to modularize the pages by splitting them up into a start, top, middle, bottom, and finish, with the rest of the page somehow fit in between each of these. The idea was to make the site easier to manage in the long run, but it made the conversion nearly impossible; it was never completed.

See a screenshot of the Family page in Version 17.
See our Version 17 information page for more details on this version.

Version 18 — August 12, 2009

This was the first version to use HTML5 instead of the older HTML 4 (or XHTML). A few of the new markup elements were used. At its release, the pages were styled with a narrow, stationary background image at the left; it pictured a sun, cloud, windmill, silo, barn, and green grass. The headings were in a brown serif (Palatino) and the text was in a black sans-serif (Segoe UI on Windows). Borders between sections of a page were silver; the page was white, and the navigation bar was a light pink. The fonts in use were changed several times; I settled on large Times (serif) by February of 2011.

Read the original post about Version 18, in Oo’s Writings.

There is no screenshot for this version, as it looked like the Version 16 screenshot above.

I found these progress notes in a text document in my files, on January 27, 2022:

v18 progress

Aug 12: v18 goes live, marked up entirely in HTML 5, complete with several newly-introduced semantic elements. For now, only the root section (including the Home page) is in the new version; the rest of the site is a mix of Versions 16 and 17, so it looks like quite a mess.

Aug 17: finished fiddling with bits of styling, mainly fonts and drop caps.

Aug 19: Finished converting Weather section; also did cover pages for Gallery and Journal (new links to sections were broken) which, for now, lead to the old Pictures and News Archive, respectively. Re-introduced Contact page to remedy broken links on old pages. Removed broken link to "early bird gets the worm" page in Gallery, from time.js script that runs on the Home page. As far as I know, there are now no broken links on the site for the first time since the Gallery went down in March of 2008.

The “Counting the Days” section on the Home page was introduced on Wednesday, January 20, 2010.

Site Makeover Goes Live (Version 18.01 — July 16, 2010)

Version 19 — September 1, 2011

Read the original post about Version 19, in Oo’s Writings.

See screenshots of the Version 19 Home page in two columns or three columns.

Version 20 — February 17, 2013

Read the original post about Version 20, in Oo’s Writings.

See a screenshot of that page in Version 20.

Thursday, February 21, 2013 is a work in progress… I surfed around the site and currently, there are FIVE different page designs running from different versions of the site. It’s quite a mess!
(Posted at 8:33 a.m.)

Friday, February 22, 2013

I spent the midday setting up Wendi's craft site at its new (old) location: We decided to move it back onto OoKingdom space because she doesn't sell her crafts anymore. ~ The job involved modernizing (and simplifying) the coding (mainly php and some html), creating the subdomain on, uploading the files, and setting up domain redirection at I was finished by 3:00.

Version 21 — February 18, 2017 and following

This version took until 2022 to complete. The entire site was converted except a small portion of Oo’s Writings. Read progress posts:

See screenshots of the Home page and another page in this version.

Version 22 — February 6, 2022 and following

Appearance-wise, this version looks much like the previous one, but there were numerous improvements on the inside. Read progress posts: