Version 20: A Work in Progress

Posted Sunday, February 17, 2013
Regular updates in progress (see below)

This site has been in an awful state of disrepair for a long time. It reminds me of the Biblical account of Jerusalem in ruins. I had some free time and decided to do something about it. This new version is the result.

So far (I’m writing this at 1:10 a.m. on the posting date above) I have the Home page, Weather and Pictures sections in the new version, as well as a new section called The King’s Book which combines the old Journal and Oo’s Writings sections for years 2009 through 2012. Older posts remain in Oo’s Writings and News Archive and can be found via links on the main cover page of The King’s Book (NOTE, 2/19/2022: it’s all in Oo’s Writings now).

Custom fonts appear for the first time in Version 20. In the navigation bar, an arrow now points to the current page. Other “back-end” refinements have been made, mostly for simplicity and ease of maintenance.

More changes planned for the near future:

Follow this page for updates. Good night!

February 20, 2013 — I discovered after downloading a tool called IETester that older versions of Internet Explorer (versions 6 and 7 in particular) were making a mess of the new layout. In solving the problem, I managed to eliminate an extra “box” in the source code that I didn’t want to use anyway, so I edited all the pages I had converted so far, deleting the unnecessary tags. ~ Also moved the navigation links on main cover pages so they are now near the top of the page (right below the header); if you are on a small screen (like a smartphone), or you narrow your browser window on your computer far enough, you will see this; the page looks exactly the same as before in the full (two column) layout. ~ Switched the Home page background image to a snow scene (since it is winter in Wisconsin) and set it up so that older IE browsers (and medium-size computer windows) will pick it up.

Also today: Our Faith section is now converted to Version 20 (12:45 pm cst). ~ A Heavenly Ummamum (our inspirational section) is also converted (3:45 pm cst), and the Random Quote Archive has been added to that section.

February 21, 2013Seasons & Holidays is now converted to Version 20 (12:25 pm cst). ~ Several pages were renamed; automatic redirections will ensure that no outside links are broken. ~ Some minor styling issues were addressed during this conversion, resulting in minor changes across the site.

February 22, 2013Petitt’s Creations, Wendi’s craft site, has moved to a subdomain of The Oo Kingdom (3 pm cst). The old URL,, will redirect to the new location.

February 26, 2013 (Version 20.1) — During the past several days, I have changed some elements in the source codes to lighten them up, and also changed the style sheets to work with the new coding. This meant re-editing everything I had converted so far, so it was quite a job! ~ Also fixed some styling that was not working properly on older versions of Internet Explorer, and fixed a few broken links. ~ Made the main heading on the Home page (and the accompanying text) a bit smaller for small screens (mainly mobile phones) so it looks nicer on them.

March 3, 2013Petitt’s Creations has been redesigned, using the style sheets from The Oo Kingdom main site. The content area is wider and the navigation bar is narrower; also, the area surrounding the page is in pink instead of green (only visible on wider screens).

March 11, 2013 — Three pages in the top section — Introduction to the Oo Kingdom, Our Family, and Our Cats, have been updated and converted to Version 20 (12:39 a.m. CDT); only Useful Links still remains to be done.