Avenue Grill: Yummy for the Money

Posted Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just over a week ago (May 2), Wendi and I decided to go out for lunch. At first, we weren’t sure where to go, but Wendi suggested that we try Avenue Grill which is in the building formerly occupied by Ponderosa Steakhouse. We had heard bad reviews from customers shortly after they opened this past February, but knowing that sometimes the opening weeks of a new restaurant are less than optimal, we waited a few months for things to stabilize before dining there ourselves. We were very glad we did.

Wendi had the broasted chicken; this turned out to be well-prepared, juicy and flavorful. The chicken and shell noodle soup was delicious. There were broasted potatoes with the meal, which were also very good, and also a salad. The only downside was the breadsticks which were quite dry.

I ordered a Greek breakfast skillet with pancakes and syrup. The skillet included gyro meat, feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce (Greek traditional cucumber sauce). Being a breakfast skillet, it also included hash browns and eggs (which I ordered scrambled). This dish was wonderful, just bursting with flavor. The pancakes and syrup were also very nice.

The portions were oh-my-gosh generous for the price ($7.49 for the breakfast, $8.99 for the broasted chicken). Service was courteous and reasonably quick; our waitress was very friendly. Anyone looking for a good, hearty meal at a great price needs to check this place out.

UPDATE, December 17, 2014: Apparently not everyone was as impressed by this place as we were. They continued to have poor business and finally closed only a few months after this review was written.