Site Information

Details of site features and history of site progress

This is the “hidden” section of the site that probably doesn’t matter to most people. It contains background information about this site as well as site history and progress.

This site has received numerous makeovers. The current version number is 21; that conversion was begun in 2017 and not completed until 2022.

Some Definitions

Oo (pronounced in two syllables: OO-oo)
An old nickname that I (Charlie Petitt) had when I was a little boy. It was my imitation of the sound made by a cuckoo clock. I later used it as part of the name for this site.
Ummamum (pronounced UM-um-um)
A nonsense word spoken by saying three um’s with the upper teeth protruding over the lower lip. Also, a funny face (usually green) drawn with its upper teeth sticking out. See Ummamum’s World for lots of crazy Ummamum-related stuff.