Weather — September 2010

Date Day Low
Precipitation (inches)
9/30Thu 55.6°69.3°
Sunny with a northwest breeze
9/29Wed 53.6°73.6°
Sunny with a southwest breeze
9/28Tue 47.8°70.7°
Variable clouds with calm to light northerly breezes
9/27Mon 42.1°64.9°
Sunny and generally calm
9/26Sun 46.6°62.6°
Variable clouds and northeast breezes
9/25Sat 51.6°57°
Increasing clouds and light northeast breezes
9/24Fri 58.8°67.8°Rain 0.02″
Rain overnight; mostly cloudy with strong west winds
9/23Thu 64.2°87.1°
Mostly cloudy and breezy, from the south
9/22Wed 63.1°75.2°
Mostly cloudy with light east breezes becoming southeast after noon
9/21Tue 66.4°86.0°Rain 0.54″
Partly sunny with a southwest breeze. Thunderstorm after 4 p.m. Clearing and calm after 7 p.m.
9/20Mon 57.4°73.4°Rain 0.36″
Light rain before sunrise and again toward noon. Cloudy with a light east breeze; clearing after 3 p.m. with winds gradually shifting to south
9/19Sun 54.3°59.0°Rain 0.08″
Light rain before sunrise. Cloudy with a light northeast breeze
9/18Sat 61°68.9°Rain 0.39″
Rain before 9 a.m. Variable clouds and light north breezes
9/17Fri 52.2°74.5°
Sunny with calm to light southerly breezes
9/16Thu 60.4°67.5°Rain 0.20″
Early morning rain, then cloudy and cooler, with a strong north breeze
9/15Wed 58.1°77.2°
Variable clouds and southeast breezes
9/14Tue 53.8°74.5°
Clear with calm to light and variable winds
9/13Mon 56.8°75.7°
Clear with a northwest breeze during the day
9/12Sun 51.3°80.6°
Clear skies and a southwest breeze
9/11Sat 60.3°75.6°Rain 0.07″
Intermittent light rain between 2 and 9 a.m. Mostly cloudy with winds becoming westerly. Gradual clearing after 4 p.m.
9/10Fri 53.1°73.2°
Sunny with an east wind
9/9Thu 52.2°68.9°
Mostly cloudy with a light east breeze
9/8Wed 50.2°68.7°
Sunny with a northwest breeze
9/7Tue 59.4°71.1°
Sunny early, becoming cloudy in afternoon, with strong westerly winds. Clearing by late afternoon. Winds diminishing after 7 p.m.
9/6Mon 61.9°79.2°Rain (trace)
Partly cloudy early, then mostly cloudy, with southerly breezes. Few sprinkles around 2 p.m.
9/5Sun 48.0°75.0°
Sunny and calm early, then mostly cloudy with light south breezes
9/4Sat 49.1°66.7°
Fair to partly cloudy, with strong northwest winds
9/3Fri 59.2°66.9°Rain 0.07″
Mostly cloudy to overcast, with strong west winds. Rain shower around 11 p.m.
9/2Thu 66.6°82.2°Rain 0.05″
Light rain about 8 a.m. Mostly cloudy with light westerly winds; some sun in late afternoon. More rain just before 8 p.m. Clearing after 10 p.m.
9/1Wed 69.3°78.8°Rain 0.56″
Rain overnight (0.30″); cloudy with a light southwest breeze; sprinkles in mid-afternoon, and more rain in the evening