Some Words on Life

Written by Wendi Petitt — October 1–3, 2004

Life is something we fight for when we come out of the warm and fuzzy place where no one can hurt us. For some reason there are times we feel like we have no control. The hurts that we feel are always there. I know of what I speak. Sometimes things come up that makes us really confused or depressed — anxious about things and we are afraid to ask for help.

We all need people to lean on and trust. I found that person in many people. One was a very kind and loving doctor who said not to be afraid to ask. Another was my terrific counselor who is always there for me to talk to. There is one person I really love and share a lot of my bad times with: my loving husband. He has been there through it all. My lovable son has also helped me. He keeps me laughing even when I am feeling rotten. My life is really complete!

To add more, there is another man that helped me get free of the life I had. I don’t need to mention his name. He knows who he is to me.

Thank God for all these people whom He put there!

But I thank God most of all for keeping me alive to see all the wonderful things I can do, say and feel in my life. I praise GOD for my life!

Please understand at one point I wanted to die, but I feel like I need to carry on for other people to understand!

There are times I have wanted to give up, and then I turn around and say that there are too many people depending on me, to keep thinking that way.

There are lots of people out there who have thought, or still think, that it would be a lot easier to give up. But they should ask themselves, “Is it what I really want to do?”

We all have families that love us, or at least they say they do. But do we ask ourselves, “Are they in love with me, or do they just want something from me?” I ask myself that because I feel that my family (not the one I married into, but my brothers and one of my sisters) don’t care about themselves.

I have two sisters that love me no matter what. If the rest of the family would care the way they do, maybe they could just love themselves. Please, if you find one person or two, tell them that you need their help and stick with them.

Most of all accept Jesus into your heart. You ask, “How do you do that?” Well, go to a pastor or open the Bible and read the New Testament and read how Jesus died for our sins, then get on your knees and pray and confess your sins, and then ask Jesus to forgive you for all your sins and let Jesus in. He will never leave you alone because HE LOVES YOU!