A Dragon’s Night Before Christmas

Written by Joe Petitt, December 19, 2002

’Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the cave
not a creature was stirring—they were all trying to behave.
My stocking was hung by the door of the cave
in hopes that St. Nicholas would for me a toy save.
I was just getting ready to get into bed,
while visions of monsters danced in my head.

As I snuggled under my woolly blanket
and settled down for a fully needed nap,
When out in the woods there was such a fright
I flew from my bed to see the sight.
Flew out the door with my candlestick lit—
It was St. Nicholas having a fit!
He had slipped on some ice
and said something not very nice.

I couldn’t believe my eyes at the sight,
what was up in the air in the middle of the night.
It was eight tiny reindeer
putting the machine into gear.
I didn’t have time to give a shout
before they were all flying about.
But I heard one of them say
Merry Christmas and have a nice day!