Easter: A Celebration of New Life


Easter, the day on which we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, is a very special time of year. It only lasts one day; it comes and goes quickly; but its influence spreads throughout the year, especially for Christians.

Most of us know the story of how Jesus was first betrayed, then crucified, a horrible, ugly death; then He was buried; and finally, He rose again on the third day to claim victory over sin and the grave. It would be a good idea, though, to find a Bible and read the account in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, just to refresh one’s mind and heart at this season.

A major part of the message of Easter has to do with new life, based on the Resurrection story. I’m not sure how the traditions of the Easter bunny and eggs got started, but here’s my take on them:

Enjoy this Easter season. Share Easter dinner with your family, if that’s your tradition. Remember, though, that all its goodness, both in taste and fellowship, come from God. Isn’t He wonderful?

There is a brilliant blog post about Easter here. The title is "It's All That Matters!" from Just Joy Ministries.