Essence of Joyous Christmas

From our homemade Christmas card in 1992
Discovered in the archives on December 21, 2009
and posted here the following day

’TWAS a week before Christmas, and all through the city,
The prices on gifts—they were simply a pity!
The shoppers were buying their last-minute stuff,
Just hoping that there would be money enough.

AT NIGHT, from the chimney, the stockings were hung.
Some practical joker then filled them with dung,
And topped off each one with a SKUNK! In a while
The odor would carry for nearly a mile.

HOW disgusting the thought! How disgruntled my spirit!
The stench was so horrid, you couldn’t go near it!
We used up the Glade, and the Touch of Scent too,
Then exhausted the Lysol—now WHAT SHALL WE DO?

LET’S PAUSE for a moment and ponder this scene.
It’s nasty, chaotic, and all but serene!
But what of the millions who miss every year
The meaning of Christmas, so treasured and dear?

All frenzied, all frantic, all pooped and stressed out,
With a too-busy Christmas to worry about;
Exactly this mind-set leads many to say—
“BAH! HUMBUG! Why not just forget Christmas Day?”

Now back to our story: we found the solution
To end at this season such deadly pollution.
Get rid of the garbage and focus upon
The birth of Christ Jesus, our Savior, God’s Son.

Let’s celebrate Christmas without the defeat!
Uncap the aroma that makes it complete:
A sweet-smelling fragrance of love and good cheer,
Beginning at Christmas and lasting all year.

May Your be the most Enjoyable,
Meaningful and Memorable Holiday Ever!
Charlie, Wendi & Joe.