Easter Thoughts at Work

Sunday, April 16, 2017
Posted here March 24, 2022

Working on Easter morning for possibly my first time ever, I observed a few things:

1. A co-worker said that probably 10 years from now, all (or most) stores will be open on all holidays, given the rate things are going now. Many stores already remain open on Thanksgiving.

2. Customers expect stores to be open on holidays. Normally Easter is slow where I work; today was slow but less so than past years, according to another co-worker.

3. Celebration and worship are possible even if you’re not in church. Today’s shift was filled with greetings of “Happy Easter” and even “Christ is risen!”

4. Even my musical endeavors have their roots in Easter. My first performance in many years was an original song called “He’s Not Here,” sung before over 500 people at a special Easter service at Craig High School in Janesville in 2005.

Just random stuff, I guess. I had a good day at work but still wished I had been in church instead. Next year, I’ll be more inclined to drop my shift if I’m assigned one.

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