Charlie’s Joke Dream

September 27, 2017
Posted here January 28, 2022

A few minutes before 7 am, I woke up laughing hysterically from a dream. In the dream, I was trying to tell something the “unique bird” joke (How do you catch a unique bird? You “neak” up on him.) and, for some reason, I started with “Knock, knock.” Immediately I knew that was wrong, but the other person responded with “Who’s there?” before I could correct myself. “I screwed up!” I exclaimed. Thinking it was part of the joke, the other person replied, “I screwed up, who?” Finally I said, “I screwed up this joke! It wasn’t supposed to be knock-knock.” Apparently I laughed out loud while dreaming, and this woke me up; I continued laughing for a few minutes, then fell back asleep.