Shorts 2005

Last Updated October 18, 2005

Random One Beat

At the Christ in Youth (CIY) conference last summer in Michigan, there was a drummer whom some of the youth called “Random One Beat.” His drum beats were not actually random, but predictable: he always drummed with the very same pattern on every song! At one point Joe “burned” him really well by saying, “My dead grandfather, with four forms of cancer, could drum better than you!” For a moment the drummer stopped, looking around to see who had insulted him so; then he resumed the same boring drum pattern again.

Melee Monkey

Some of the youth enjoy playing Super Smash Brothers Melee on Nintendo, and they hold tournaments in it. At one such tournament, one particular player was doing very poorly; he would sooner “run away” from an enemy than face him. Joe “burned” him really well with this one: “A dying, brain-dead monkey could play better than you. Drop the paddle!” A chorus of laughter went up from the other players, and a couple of them exclaimed, “Told!”

Dueling Dialogue

Our young people are into Yu-Gi-Oh and duel occasionally. The following was overheard on October 18, as the kids were dueling at the dining room table:

“I don’t understand why you challenged him in the first place. You know you’re going to have your butt handed to you on a silver platter.”

“I know,” came the reply. “I’m just dueling him for the fun of it. Besides, I wanted to see how my butt looks on a silver platter!”