Shorts 2004

Last Updated May 7, 2004


Weapons Collection

March 19, 2004

A co-worker was telling me about his collection of exotic weapons. “I have three daggers,” he said, “and a couple of Samurai swords. I also have a really cool machete. And then there’s the battle axe… she lives down the hall.”

Special Delivery

March 22, 2004

During a recent wind storm, a letter “E” blew off the sign at a nearby video store and landed on our front lawn. Today I took it down to the video store and announced, “I have a letter to deliver.” They laughed and thanked me.

After school I told Joe about it. “You should have sent it through the mail,” he remarked. “Then it would have been a real E-mail.”

Valet Parking

“They should have valet parking service at my school. After all, it is Parker High School.”
—Joe Petitt, March 22, 2004

Another One-Liner

“Our last car was a real dog. I wonder how the cat’ll act?”
—Victor Petitt