Weather — June 2017

Our temperature sensor is affected partly by sun in the mornings. I was not home on Sunday morning, the 11th. That day’s high is an estimate based upon how far the morning reading often exceeds the actual afternoon high; airport observations were also considered.

We were out of town for the 17th and 18th, so temperatures are taken partly from airport observations. The thunderstorm on the evening of the 17th is included in the rain total for Monday the 19th.

Date Day Low
Precipitation (inches)
6/30Fri 63.9°82.9°
Mostly cloudy and humid. Winds calm before 2 pm, then light westerly
6/29Thu 65.3°81.7°Rain 3.11″
Thunderstorms and rain ending around 1:30 am. Mostly cloudy and humid, with west or southwest winds; few afternoon sprinkles (trace amount)
6/28Wed 59.4°74.3°Rain 0.94″ to 10 pm
Mostly cloudy or overcast, and humid, with southerly winds. Rain between 8 and 11 am; thunderstorms with rain after 7 pm. Tornado (EF0) touched down west of town at 7:38 pm; maximum winds clocked at 80 mph
6/27Tue 51.3°79.5°
Mostly sunny, with light west or southwest breezes
6/26Mon 52.9°72.5°
Mix of sun and clouds; breezy, from the west or northwest
6/25Sun 52.9°70°
Mostly cloudy, with brisk west winds
6/24Sat 59.9°73.0°Rain (trace)
Mix of sun and clouds; much cooler, with west or northwest winds. Very brief shower around 7 pm, then much cooler
6/23Fri 66.4°83.7°Rain 1.60″
Rain and thunderstorms between 2:15 and 4:45 am. Mix of clouds and sun, with northwest winds and decreasing humidity. Full clearing in the evening
6/22Thu 66.4°88.0°
Mostly cloudy and humid (dew point 64° to 70°), with south or southwest winds
6/21Wed 56.8°79.3°
Mostly cloudy, with light southerly winds
6/20Tue 57.2°70.0°Rain 0.07″
Fair early, with light west breezes. Mostly cloudy between 10 am and 2 pm, with northeast winds and a bit of rain at midday, then gradual clearing, with light and variable winds
6/19Mon 61.5°75°Rain 0.65″
Mostly cloudy, with west or northwest winds. Occasional thunderstorms in the afternoon
6/18Sun 64°77°
Mostly cloudy, with west winds and diminishing humidity
6/17Sat 67.1°84°Rain 0.93″
Rain and thunderstorms overnight (11:30 pm until 5:30 am). Mostly cloudy with south or southwest breezes. Humid (dew points 66° to 70°). Thunderstorm with heavy rain around 7:45 pm (from airport records; included in total for Monday the 19th)
6/16Fri 68.4°90.7°
Mostly sunny, fairly humid (dew point 61° to 63°) with west or southwest breezes
6/15Thu 67.6°92.5°
Mostly sunny with light westerly winds. Dramatically decreasing humidity; dew point 70° before 8 am and 45° at 2:45 pm
6/14Wed 71.1°93.6°Rain (trace)
Mostly cloudy and more humid (dew points to 70°), with southerly winds. Few sprinkles around 2:45 pm
6/13Tue 69.3°94.6°
Mix of clouds and sun, hot and fairly humid (dew point around 61°), with easterly winds
6/12Mon 75.2°95.7°Rain 0.06″
Mostly sunny, hot and humid (dew points 63° to 66°) with southwest breezes. Brief shower around 8 pm (most of it missed us to the north)
6/11Sun 71.8°93.9°
Sunny, hotter, and more humid (dew points 61° to 64°), with south or southwest winds
6/10Sat 64.9°89.1°
Generally sunny, with strong southwest winds
6/9Fri 62.1°87.1°
Mostly sunny with light northwest breezes
6/8Thu 55.8°86.2°Rain 0.14″
Sunny in the morning, with light west or southwest breezes. Mostly cloudy after 3 pm, with light west winds. Intermittent light rain between 9 and 11 pm
6/7Wed 56.3°79.9°
Sunny, with light east or northeast winds becoming southeast after 4 pm
6/6Tue 55.2°80.2°
Sunny with light northeast winds
6/5Mon 61.9°76.1°
Sunny with northeast winds
6/4Sun 69.1°91.8°
Sunny in the morning, with light west breezes becoming stronger northwest in the afternoon
6/3Sat 61.0°88.2°
Mostly cloudy and calm in the morning, then partly sunny in the afternoon, with southerly breezes
6/2Fri 54.0°87.3°
Mostly sunny; light west or southwest breezes between 10 am and 7 pm, otherwise calm
6/1Thu 50.7°80.1°
Sunny with west or northwest winds