Weather — October 2017

Sometimes the weather at the Rock County Airport is somewhat different from what we experience here (we live near downtown). For example, the airport reported temperature extremes of 43°/72° for the 19th and 52°/81° for the 20th, and mostly cloudy afternoon skies on both days.

Date Day Low
Precipitation (inches)
10/31Tue 33.4°43.5°
Cloudy in the morning, with west or northwest winds. Mostly sunny from about 1 to 3 pm, then mostly cloudy
10/30Mon 40.8°48.7°Rain (trace)
Mostly cloudy with gusty west winds, and occasional sprinkles
10/29Sun 30.6°48.6°
Season’s first freeze. Clear and calm early; increasing clouds during the afternoon. Southwest breezes after 9 am, becoming south after 2 pm
10/28Sat 36.0°45.7°Rain (trace)
Sprinkles before sunrise; cloudy with west or northwest winds
10/27Fri 36.5°42.8°
Cloudy and colder, with brisk west winds becoming southwest after 1 pm
10/26Thu 36.9°61.5°
Fair early, then increasing clouds. Southeast winds
10/25Wed 35.8°52.0°
Cloudy and calm in the morning; clearing after 1 pm
10/24Tue 45.1°48.4°Rain 1.30″
Light rain until noon. Cloudy with brisk northwest winds
10/23Mon 48.2°58.3°Next day
Cloudy and calm. Some sun during 5 pm hour. Light rain after 9 pm, with west or northwest breezes
10/22Sun 51.4°68.4°Rain 0.67″
Occasional rain between 4 am and 6 pm, heaviest during 6 am hour. Temperatures falling all day. Light south winds until 10 am, then stronger northwest
10/21Sat 59.2°75.4°
Sunny with south winds; becoming mostly cloudy after 5:30 pm
10/20Fri 48.2°74.5°
Sunny with south winds
10/19Thu 46.9°67.1°
Sunny, with winds calm to light and variable
10/18Wed 47.7°68.9°
Sunny, with south winds becoming stronger southwest after noon
10/17Tue 46.0°68.7°
Sunny with brisk southwest winds
10/16Mon 41.2°60.6°
Clear, with light west winds after 11 am
10/15Sun 43.7°66.2°Rain 0.05″
High temperature around 3 am, then a bit of drizzle between 3 and 4 am. Temperature dropped to 51.3″ by about 11 am, recovered to 56.8″ around 4 pm, then fell again. Cloudy, with strong, gusty northwest winds. Low temperature at midnight
10/14Sat 59.7°65.5°Rain 1.21″
Rain and thunderstorms, mainly between noon and 7 pm. Cloudy with 100% humidity all day. East winds shifting to south between 2 and 4 pm. Temperature rising late; high at midnight
10/13Fri 55.2°67.1°Rain 0.54″
Cloudy, with very light southwest breezes becoming north or northeast after 4 pm. Rain between 6 and 10 pm
10/12Thu 56.3°60.6°Rain 0.07″
Light rain in early morning, then sprinkles or drizzle off and on throughout the day. Cloudy with light south or southeast winds
10/11Wed 50.7°59.5°Rain 1.19″
Low was late Tuesday evening. Rain ending around 7 am. Cloudy with northeast winds
10/10Tue 55.0°62.1°Rain 0.30″
Cloudy with northeast winds. Light rain, mainly after 2 pm
10/9Mon 52.0°73.8°
Fair to partly cloudy; calm before 2 pm, then light northerly breezes
10/8Sun 52.7°75.2°
Sunny with south breezes, stronger in the afternoon
10/7Sat 66.4°72.5°Rain 0.06″
Intermittent light rain. Cloudy except for brief bursts of sun in late afternoon. Breezy, from the south until 5 pm, then shifting to west by 9:30 pm
10/6Fri 58.1°67.6°Rain 0.05″
A bit of light rain overnight, a bit in the afternoon, and a bit more in the evening. Cloudy with east or southeast breezes becoming south after 7 pm. High temperature in late evening; afternoon high was 66.6°
10/5Thu 50.0°71.8°Rain 0.02″
Mostly cloudy and generally calm. Thunderstorm around 9 pm
10/4Wed 61.5°70.5°Rain 0.26″
Thunderstorm around 3 am. Sunny in the morning, with light north or northwest breezes
10/3Tue 64.6°81.1°
Mostly cloudy with south winds
10/2Mon 59.2°81.1°
Mostly cloudy with south winds. Gradually clearing between 5 and 8 pm, with winds continuing. Still about 70° at midnight
10/1Sun 47.3°69.6°
Clear and calm early; becoming mostly cloudy from midday onward, with south or southeast winds