‘Oh No! I’m Mmming Again’

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 has not been the nicest year for our family; the same could be said for many families in the U.S. and around the world. With the global recession, rampant crime, climate change, and death everywhere, it doesn’t look like things will improve any time soon.

When situations get overwhelming, sometimes I find myself moaning—literally. I make a whiny “mmm” sound, almost as if I’m crying (maybe that’s what it really is). Let me give you a few examples:

Your brother’s wife, whom you haven’t taken the time to visit in years, just passed away. You are filled with sadness and regret.


Your finances are in ruin. You just filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and you still can scarcely afford to pay the bills, including mortgage and car payment, that remain.


Your wife’s health, which has never been good, continues to worsen. She has diabetes, fibromyalgia, severe asthma, allergies, and other maladies that you don’t care you enumerate for this essay. Currently she has cellulitis, a skin infection that spreads to underlying tissue; if it is not cleared up, it can ultimately result in gangrene, loss of limbs, or even death.


Your house is falling apart, inside and out. You have minor roof leaks in three locations already, evidenced by water spots on the ceiling. Your clothes dryer is kaput, so you have to dry clothes outdoors and pray for no rain (which, actually, we desperately need because the grass is drying up). Your central air conditioning (which the wife needs because of her asthma) is in dire need of a recharge and doesn’t adequately cool the house in the hottest weather. With finances in ruin, you cannot afford to fix any of this.


A severe wind storm just sent a large tree limb falling, directly into your clotheslines AND your phone line. Now the phone is out for three days, and your DSL Internet connection with it. Meanwhile, the back yard needs mowing, and there is too much mess in the way.


In ten days, your son leaves for college. He hopes to get a job while there, and if he stays on with that job, he may not come home for years. The college is four hours’ drive away, so seeing him often would not likely be possible in light of current finances and today’s soaring gas prices. This summer—in fact, this entire bloody year—has been utterly chaotic, so you haven’t been able to spend much quality time—or any kind of time, for that matter—with your son. Once again, your heart wells up in sadness and regret…


Well, that’s exactly our current scenario! Am I complaining? Of course; this is Oo’s Writings, my personal soapbox. Am I alone? It sure feels that way in my heart, but my mind knows better. A lot of people are in situations just as bad, or even (dare I say it) worse. I ask you to pray, if you are so inclined, for our family, but also for anyone else who you know is suffering hard times this year.

And… it’s okay; you can “mmm” right along with me if you feel like it.