2011: Back in Action

Friday, January 7, 2011

It’s a New Year, which means 2010 is already behind us (duh). For The Oo Kingdom, it means not a heck of a lot was accomplished in 2010. For that failure, I humbly apologize. In my defense, we had an incredibly busy year, with many life changes and financial struggles (which are not uncommon in today’s economy). This New Year of 2011 shows promise of better things for us and also for this website. I’ve already changed the theme again; the background picture is an original made by my dad, Victor Petitt, shortly before his passing in 2001. Hopefully soon, I’ll get the Version 18 switcheroo finished and do better at getting (and keeping) pages up to date, including more timely Journal posts (*see note at the bottom of this page).

Within the next few days, check back; I fully expect to have a more comprehensive “catch-up” posting in Oo’s Writings (which is where longer essays go). I promise you that the new posting will include some great news. Look for a link on the Home page. Enough said for now. Bye!

NOTE: Oo’s Writings is now included in The King’s Book. The post referenced above is 2011: Better Days Ahead?

(*NOTE, 2/19/2022: the old Journal is now part of Oo’s Writings. In 2022, The King’s Book, mentioned in the original note above, was absorbed back into Oo’s Writings.)