Weather — October 2018

Date Day Low
Precipitation (inches)
10/31Wed 44.8°59.4°
Some morning sun, then cloudy, with light west or northwest winds
10/30Tue 43.5°63.5°Rain 0.50″
Mostly cloudy with light southerly winds; after 4 pm, rain and light northwest winds
10/29Mon 37.6°54.1°
Partly sunny. Northwest winds in the morning, light/variable in the afternoon
10/28Sun 44.4°50.7°Rain 0.07″
Rain overnight, and a bit of afternoon drizzle. Cloudy, with brisk winds: west in the morning and northwest in the afternoon
10/27Sat 45.0°57.0°
Cloudy, with brief partial sun. Calm wind
10/26Fri 43.7°55.0°
Mostly cloudy with light northeast winds
10/25Thu 36.9°55.2°
Generally cloudy, with winds calm to light southeast
10/24Wed 31.8°56.3°
Partly cloudy and calm
10/23Tue 38.3°54.7°
Sunny with north winds
10/22Mon 31.6°62.6°
Sunny and becoming mild, with light west winds
10/21Sun 25.5°50.5°
Sunny and crisp, with brisk southwest winds
10/20Sat 42.1°51.4°Snow 0.2″ (Precip 0.04″)
Mostly cloudy, with strong, gusty winds from the west or northwest. High temperature early, during 10 am hour. Brief heavy snow during noon hour, and flurries around 2 pm. Clearing after 3 pm
10/19Fri 43.7°58.3°Rain (trace)
Brief morning drizzle; generally cloudy with light southwest winds. Gradual clearing by dark
10/18Thu 30.2°58.1°
Clear and calm early; clear with southwest breezes after 10 am
10/17Wed 39.7°50.7°
Sunny with brisk northwest winds. Clear and calm late
10/16Tue 32.4°57.7°
Sunny and breezy, from the southwest, becoming west after 1 pm and diminishing at nightfall
10/15Mon 35.6°48.0°Rain 0.06″
Light rain ending by 4:30 am. Mostly sunny, with brisk, gusty west or northwest winds
10/14Sun 41.5°56.3°Next day
Clear and calm early. Becoming cloudy by midday, with light southerly breezes. Light rain after 9 pm, with northerly winds
10/13Sat 30.7°52.2°
Mostly cloudy and calm before 11 am, then mostly sunny with brisk south or southwest winds
10/12Fri 38.3°46.8°
Mostly cloudy with light westerly breezes
10/11Thu 41.7°50.9°
Mostly cloudy and sharply colder, with brisk west to northwest winds (gusts to 28 mph)
10/10Wed 68.4°71.8°Rain 0.07″
Light rain ending around 2 pm. South winds becoming southwest after 11 am, then west by 5 pm, with falling humidity and slowly falling temperatures
10/9Tue 66.9°84.4°Rain 0.12″
Partly cloudy in the morning, and humid, with south breezes. Mostly cloudy in the afternoon, with rain showers after about 4 pm
10/8Mon 53.8°81.3°Rain 0.14″
Light rain overnight. Mix of sun and clouds, with south breezes and a touch of humidity. Low temperature was on Sunday evening
10/7Sun 53.8°55.4°Rain 0.17″
Cloudy with brisk northeast winds. Light rain 2:30 to 5:30 am (0.14″) and again in early afternoon (0.03″)
10/6Sat 57.9°60.4°Rain 0.91″
Rain overnight to about 5 am (0.82″). Cloudy with northerly winds and nearly steady temperatures. A bit of light rain in early afternoon (0.09″)
10/5Fri 46.8°61.7°Rain 0.25″
Light rain in the morning, with light southeast winds. Cloudy and generally calm for the afternoon. More rain after 9 pm (in Saturday total)
10/4Thu 48.6°57.7°
Sunny and sharpy colder, with brisk winds shifting from northwest to northeast
10/3Wed 58.1°84.0°Rain 0.17″
Mostly cloudy before 1 pm, then mostly sunny until 7 pm. Variably cloudy after dark. South to southwest winds becoming strong after noon. Thunderstorm at 11 pm
10/2Tue 54.7°60.8°Rain 0.04″
Cloudy, with winds calm to light northerly. A bit of light rain around 10 pm
10/1Mon 51.8°59.5°Rain 2.18″
Light rain until about 9 am (0.80″). Cloudy, with light easterly winds. Rain and thunderstorms after 6 pm (1.38″)