Oops, But I Don’t Care

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 (4:18 pm cst)

This post originally appeared on Umm… He Said.

Internet research is a good thing—well, sort of. I discovered that most of them Chinese Zodiac things are wrong—that is, if you have a birthday in January or the first part of February. Take me, for example! For years I thought I was born in the Year of the Dog (see my last post), but I have just discovered that the very last day of the Year of the Rooster was February 17, 1958, the exact day on which I was born! You see, the Chinese calendar is lunar-based, so the Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year (on our Gregorian calendar). And it never coincides with our New Year on January 1. So keep this in mind, when you see these Zodiac things in Chinese restaurants or wherever.

Does that in any way affect my determination to get on with the music? Not on your life (or mine, for that matter)!