The Oo Has Returned

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today I fully integrated all of the 2005 and 2006 posts from Umm… He Said into Oo’s Writings. All pages now fit the format of this site, so it no longer looks like a little site inside of a larger one.

You will find all 16 posts intact, right down to the signature of Kyle Joseph Ummamum (K.J. Ummamum), which is the pseudonym I used on the blog during those two years. The name is explained fully in my last post. All postings for 2007 and onward will bear my real name in the signature.

The Music section of Oo’s Writings also started as part of Umm… He Said. As of this writing, the entire section is from the original blog, with Red Foley’s “Smoke on the Water” being the only lyric available. Hopefully that will change soon, as some of my own lyrics may appear there shortly.