Hello. I’m Kyle Joseph Ummamum, or simply K.J. Ummamum. You may be guessing that this is a pseudonym, and if so, you have guessed correctly! My actual name can be found elsewhere in The Oo Kingdom. I’ve used a different name in this section simply because I can, and for the fun of it.

Ummamum, pronounced “UM-um-um,” means “Umm… whatever you like.” I have a variety of interests and talents, so defining me isn’t easy. Learn more at Ummamum’s World. By the way, the weird faces that grace these pages are also called Ummamums!

A little about me, in particular: I live in Janesville, Wisconsin, USA, with my wife and one son. I am a Christian, having accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. My other interests include music (singing, writing, playing piano or just listening), building websites, cooking, fitness and photography. In addition, I am good at math and have an analytical mind, but sometimes I can be a real scatterbrain! And I have a very goofy sense of humor.